How make money from snails farming

  One of the most lucrative business to trade on is breeding snails .
 Snails are known for the rapid increase n maturity in terms of population.

 If you start a snail farming with 1,000 matured snails and they lay 100 eggs (highly reduced) each. Remember that snails Can go  3 cluster within one year.
Equals to 100×3=300 each (that is 300 snails each in a year) but for this purpose let's put it by 150 snails in a year. cost of 1000 snails for breeding : 1000×100=100,000 (one hundred thousand naira) for 150 snails for 100 foundation stock =150,000 snails in a year. If after one year and you decide to sell 100,000 snails out of 150,000 snails then, you have a total amount of 100,000×100 (highly reduced price) you will have a profit of 10,000,000 ( ten million naira) is that not amazing?
      Feeding of snails
Their feeding is so simple and it doesn't cost much, all you need to do is to feed them with enough edible vegetables that they can digest .

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