5 Ways To Make Cool Money From Your Facebook Groups/Page

If you are looking for ways  to make money from facebook then this post is for you. I believe  it's not new to you that you can make money from social media(facebook, twitter, e.t.c).... But based on the title, I am going to discuss majorly on facebook in this post.


Facebook is a social media  built mainly to connect people around the world and now  Facebook has grown to be the most visited social media all over the world. Millions of new user sign up for facebook every year, and thousands of people make cool cash from facebook while many facebook users believes that there is no way you can earn from facebook, but this isn't true. You can make alot of money from facebook, but you must know that making money from facebook requires patience and smartness. I am going to show you some ways you could do it in this article.

Note: Facebook Is Not The One Paying You,  Rather People Who Uses Your Services.

Ways To Make Cool Money From Your Facebook Page Or Group

Making money from facebook group or page is one of the ways to make money from facebook. To be honest with you it is not that is easy, but you can still make it, what you just need to do  is

  • Be Ready 
  • Build good audience
  • Make  Active group or page 
  • Build Up-to 3k engaged users

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Lets Kick Off.

I recommend that when creating a facebook page or group, use a very interesting name and description for the group, by so doing facebook user will know all about the group by just reading the name and description, this could possibly increase your members and likes. Just take note of this.

Below are the ways in which you can make more from the group.

1. Promoting Businesses/Sponsor Posts

When a good number of people are engaged with your group for its uniqueness and posts or for something you do they like. Business men and marketers would like to promote their market right at your group, and this you cannot offer them for free, so you get paid for that.

2. Marketing Your Goods And Services

You can advertise your business if you are business engage type. Facebook now has a feature called facebook store. You can create one and advertise the products in that store in your groups. This is a means of promoting sales of your goods.

 3. Promoting Affiliate Links

 There are many online  retail websites that support affiliate marketing program, by doing so when user purchase from your affiliate link, a commission is given to you. You can promote links from affiliate on your facebook group and be assured that no matter what, someone must buy from your affiliate link promoted on your group when promoted perfectly. Some of example of website that support affiliate program are; Konga, Amazon, Jumia, E bay, Clickbank e.t.c

For simpler Explanation;
All you just need to do is
  • Register An Account With Affiliate Programs.
  • Get Your Affiliate Link 
  • Promote The Link In A Pleasant way. 
  • That's all. Next is just to cash out your commission.
  • You can as well use this affiliate marketing strategies to improve your sales. 

4. Promoting Of Websites

Webmasters, bloggers and business men  can promote their website on your group only if your group or page is active and have large members or likes and you get paid for doing so.

5. Source Of Traffic To Your Blog/Website

Many bloggers and webmasters drive traffic from their facebook group or page to their blog or website, thereby making their websites and blog popular. Mostimes some Bloggers with ads on their blog grabs this opportunity as they are paid per thousands impression or per click, then facebook as a source of traffic will make earnings go high.

6.Sell Facebook Group Or Page 

This is just miscellaneous addiction, but one  of my friends do such business, he told me earlier before I wrote this, that he would promote a page  with $100 in one month, at the end he get 3k+likes, he then sell it at $180+ to interested buyers, pretty cool right?. No need to worry about this I going to gather more information about this and share it with you next time, so in order not to miss out kindly subscribe to our newsletter and get updated via  email.


There are other ways to make money  from facebook, it just  depends on how  you utilize it. You can as well sell your facebook group or page.

I hope this article will get you going on how to make good use of your page and groups

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