5 Possible Reasons Why Your Phone Can't Charge Properly

Unsupported charger, Not charging and other related problems have some causes.

When such problem arises it may be that the phone is charging very slowly or it might not be charging at all.

This is a problem that makes people angry and pissed off.

You might be the type that plug in their phone(s), leave it until the next two hours.

After waiting for such duration, you came back only to see the phone you left charging making little improvement or not even charging at all.


NOTE: What Caused Charging Problem In Another Man's Might Not Be Same As Yours.

Possible Reasons Why Your Phone Can't Charge Properly

Below we are going to list out and discuss briefly the possible and common reason why your phone can't charge properly, in order not to waste your precious time, we hope you continue reading.

1. USB Port Problem

This problem first develops as a result of inserting and removal of the charger into the port, which at the end results to improper contact between the charger and the phone.

Infact this is the most common cause of charging problem. When such damage is done to your phone, you should try to use other charges, having tested it with different chargers and still no improvement, all you just have to do is take it to a shop and replace the damaged port.

You can also check if the port is covered by dirt, this may be the reason for improper contact, if so clean the port with methylated spirit NOT water.

NOTE: Repairing of mobile phones can develop a new fault.

2. Adapter/Charger Cable Problem

Damaged charger when inserted into your phone, what is the possible outcome? Of course you know the phone won't charge.

Too much entangling of cable causes the cable to malfunction, If the phone charges with the other cable then you have replace it, also if the cable you replaced is not working.

Then changing Port problem and other related problems runs through your thought. Do you know that damaged charger can also cause damage to your phone? Damaged charge can render your phone Power I. C useless.

Once you notice that the charger is faulty, replace it with new phone supported charger.

When I Mean Phone Supported Charger, According to label in the back of your battery, a supported charger is diagnosis for use.

Using different charger for charging phone is at the owners' risk.

3. Battery Problems

Unsupported charger problem is most caused by replacement of battery, sometimes if you replace battery, there is tendencies of you replacing the charger also.

For example, when I used Nokia 2700 classic-2, the phone can never charge when china made or black battery is inserted into it, even though you change the charger, it wont still charge.

I will advice you when charging problems develops, I don't recommend you change the battery.

But if the battery is totally damaged, thereby producing water content don't insert it into your phone again.

4. Source Of Power Supply

Power source could also be the cause of the problem. It may be that that socket is faulty or the charger is not fit for the socket.

There is nothing much to discuss here, all you have to do is try pluging your phone on another socket.

But, if same error re-occur, then you should check for other possible listed problems.

5. Software Update Problem And Reset

This factor is not common on all phones. Sometimes, the phone might not charge or stops charging even after trying different cables, chargers and charging sockets.

Although, this may not be the cause of your own phone problem.
Sometimes updating phone software, operating system (OS) and factory reset causes problems like charging failure, Invalid IMEI and other yet unknown problem.

That is to say anything that has advantage also has side effect .

Now that you have known some reason why your phone can't charge properly.

We can always hear from you if you don't understand or that we are missing somethings to mention via our comment box.

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