5 Smart Ways To Make Money From Artistic Skills

Looking for way(s) to make money from your artistic skills?

Then you are in the right place,  because I am going to list out possible ways you can make money from your talent.


There are thousands of people around the world with different skills and they are making a living from what they can do.

 You will have to know who you are, what you can do and how you can make something out of it.

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But before that I want you to understand what I meant by artistic skills.

What is Artistic skills?

Artistic skills are talented born in with a person or gotten through practice, thereby possessing the ability to create or build unique and beautiful work of art.

The in born skill might be hidden in the beginning,  but will later show after or due to practice. Skills like this includes the ability to paint, build, draw, sculpture e. t. c


Sometimes you can have artistic skills and still have no creative skill.

When I said creative  I mean the ability to think positively and differently to make or create something considered worthwhile and desirable.


 Creative persons might not have artistic skills as well vice versa.  You may be confused here, but that's just the truth.

Enough of the story,  let's go the point.

5 Best Ways To Make Money From Your Artistic Skills

I expect you to choose not less than two ways here.

1. Teaching People Online.

This is one of the best method of making money online with or without investment.

Do you know that there are thousands of people around the world looking for skillful individuals to learn from on the internet?  As a character you must be mentally ready to teach others.

Looking for places to teach online? There are lots of places to teach you can teach people online and make a good money from it.

Places like this include;
  • Social Media
  • Blogs
  • Website that offers skills teaching and training jobs. 

 You might be asking yourself this question

How exactly do I Teach People Online?

I am going to list out this in two dimensions viz;
Firstly and the simplest.
  • You create a secret group on facebook or any other social media 
  • Setup a timetable for your live lectures or make a video and upload 
  • Once a student enrolls he or she then have access to your online teaching. 

  • Create a website or blog
  • Password-lock your teachings 
  • Interested persons pays to get password to your page. 

The most interesting part of this is that people prefer watching to reading and there are thousands of ways to teach online.

2. Becoming A Youtuber.

Yeah. Youtubing, this is one of the most popular way of making money online by uploading videos videos.

YouTube is one of the best platform to teach people in video format and the biggest video sharing platform.

To be honest with you, making this days from YouTube is getting difficult (based on monetization requirement) but once you  meet up with their demands, then the sky is your limit.

How Exactly Do I Make Money From YouTube?

Perfect question.

YouTube as a video sharing platform allows you to upload your videos for free so that interested people could watch,  but how then is the money made?

Very simple all you have to do is

  • Create a YouTube channel 
  • Upload your tutoring video(s)
  • Meet the monetization requirement (once completed) 
  • YouTube starts paying you for every ads placed and watched in your video(s)

Simple right?

3. E-book Writing


This is the easiest way to teach and make money online from it.

All you just need to do is create your own eBook, promote it and make money from from anywhere.

Making a huge sum of money from eBook sales depends on the demand rate for that particular course.

If you are hearing about eBook for the first time, then this will lead us to another question.

How do I Make EBook?

Making eBook is a little bit tedious, but if you are ready to make the money then it's just a minor task.

All you need is a computer or smartphone. Then

  • Get Microsoft Office or WPS Office for smartphones.
  • Type your tutorial with images attached to it to make it easily understandable for everyone.
  • Convert the typed document to PDF 
  • Get ready for sales.

Another question.

How Do I Make Money From The E-book Made?

Making money from eBook is not a big deal,  but meeting the right persons who needs your eBook. Once you are able to get people in need of your eBook.

  • They pay you.
  • You send the e-book to their email address. That's all.
  • Alternatively, you can upload it to site like  E-junkie where interested persons pay and download it.  (monthly fees applied)

4. Selling And Renting Out Your Art Works.

This is the most common way you could make money from your craft works,  you either sell it or rent it out.

Selling your products calls for no explanation as you can sell it anywhere you like both offline and online.

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5. Direct Teaching

Using your talent to inspire others is a good way you could attract people close to you, creating something unique attract more people both internal and external and 60% of people attracted to you are wiling, able and ready to learn from you, while the 40% came to buy your product(s).

So possibly before anyone learn from you he or she has to pay. And creating room for direct teaching will not only generate money, but will make your work lessons tedious, because you have students who are ready to help just to learn.


Practice leads to perfection and bringingup of hidden talents and skills. Never hide your talent as you can become independent with it.

Now that you have learnt how to make money with your artistic skills, take action and make a good money for yourself.

Have any questions? Do write them in the comments box below....

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