Reduce Data Usage: 6 Tested And Working Tips

How do you feel when you are allocated 2.5GB data for one month and after three days a pop up message starts showing "75% of data used".

For me it's like OH My God.  What sort of nonsense is this.

In this article am going to give you hints on how I reduced my data usage and I think it might also work for you.


Just 3 days after subscription, I was busy browsing the internet then my data usage notification popped up, I was like what the hell is this phone saying?.

 Soon I was being warned that I was approaching my limit, at first I suspect there’s something wrong with how my new phone consume up to that amount of data in 3 days,  data, and behold 7days after everything vanished.

How I Actually Reduced My Data Usage

I was very angry so I had to reduce my data usage and here's how I did it.

1. Turn off data When Not In Use

At first I thought I made a crazy move and asked myself, how will I get notified immediately I receive messages and emails? but on second thought I left it that way.

Before I started this, I made little experiment,

What I Experiment?

One particular day after reading email, chatting on facebook and whatsapp, I decided to check my data balance and found it was 1250MB, so I slept off leaving data connection on.

I waked up in the morning and check my balance once again , to my surprise it has reduced from 1250MB to 1180MB, what actually happened? I asked myself.

I called my service provider but they only said that I was the one who used it, so I made thorough searching on my phone and found what actually consumed my data.

I will let you know before the end of this post, all you need to do is just keep reading.

After such experience I immediately turned off my data after use. I only turned it back on when the need arises.

It did not only saved my data, it also saved my money.

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2. Reduce Data Usage Of Apps.


At first I didn't know what consumed my data that night, but after several search I found out that some apps where tapping from the connection even when not in use.

What do you expect I do next?  I figured out a way to reduce the app data usage and all I did was to find apps that used the data and limit their access to data or even turn it off totally.

Even if you do turn off your data, you can still also do this to save data when it’s turned on.

3. Reduce Time Spent On Web.

As a phone/internet addict or whatever, I sometimes spend the whole night on the web or social media, sometimes doing few research, and at the end before I knew it.

Everything is almost finished. This happened to me for several months before I decided to at least stay on the web for 3hours daily and this has been part of me though the old spirit might come sometimes.

4. Reduced Watching Streaming Videos Online.

Wow. I love this video let me watch it, you are doing this and at same time complaining, what do you expect after watching streaming videos? do you think you are watching it with air? of course NO.

Well let me not blame anyone here because I also watched streaming videos especially from YouTube.

I only watched informative video online once in a blue moon and this has saved my data.

5. Activated Data Saver.


I believe you know what data saver is. Incase you don't know data saver as the name implies helps save 9% or more data used on smartphone and browser.

Activate saver mode option are commonly found in all browsers but not all smartphone.

This data saver is really helpful but saves little amount of data in browsers. As for me I activated in my browsers and phone.

6.Deactivated Apps Automatic Updates.

Nothing pisses me off like seeing something happening in my phone without my permission.

I noticed this after installing several apps few months after I bought my phone.

What is happening?  I asked myself seeing downloading option showing in the status bar of my phone, I immediately drag the status bar down and saw automatic update from play store performing it's function.

I cancelled, checked my data balance, it has reduced though not much because I noticed the update on time.

In order to save your self from this experience, all I did was to deactivate auto update in my phone and play store.


After putting the above listed strategies in to practice, I never regret it.

I hope from my experience and how I reduced my data usage has taught you some lessons and will probably get you going.

Any questions or suggestions that can improve our post kindly drop it via the comment box below and hit the notify me button.

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