5 Best Way To Earn Money Online Without Investment For Students In 2018

Did you actually believe you can earn money online without investment as a student, even without being scammed?
It may look untrue if you are new to the internet world, but don't be deceived that you can make money online doing nothing.

Seems confusing right?

Then you would need to read this thoroughly from beginning to end and you will see how you can make money online without for students in 2018.

Let's Proceed.

5 Best Way To Earn Money Online Without Investment For Students In 2018

I have been a good friend to google ever since I heard that I can make money online. But wait.

Are you going to make money online with bare hands?

Hell No, you can't just wake up and say that,  but I believe that for you been able to read this means you are using internet supportted phone, smartphone or desktop.
That is not just the end of the requirement to be honest with you based on the ways to earn money online listed below you may require little or no computer and internet skills, so when choosing, I recommend you choose one you would be able to fix in yourself based on the required skills per job listed below, but I guarantee that in this article you will never be left out.

NOTE: I am not listing out possible ways to make money online based on popularity and don't forget that making money online is for those who are hardworking, willing, able and ready.

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Here we go.

  1. Earn Money From YouTube


Are you damn serious about making money online without investment? Then YouTube is one of the best place to do so. To be very specific YouTube is one of the best popular video sharing platform with billions of users around the globe. I believe by now you know what am saying. Millions of people have made millions of dollars from YouTube by uploading videos on YouTube.

Confused right?

This is the way YouTube works.

  • You create a video (actually you don't need a professional video or long video, but you have to make the video yourself)
  • Upload it on YouTube
  • Get 10000+ views (monetization requirement)
  • Monetize your channel and boom, you start earning from views on ads placed on your video(s) by YouTube. You can read more on how to create youtube channel and monetize a YouTube channel.

2. Online Freelancing Jobs


This is one of the best way of making money online,  you just get paid for doing what you can and love. That is to say that this type of job requires skills.

Still confused? I believe No!!!

How It Works

For example am a graphics designer I will display my works on my profile in the freelancing site, so when ever someone in search of graphics designer gets in contact with my work he may hire me for his or her logo design, after completing the task I will get paid for doing the job.

You think you can be scammed after doing the work  because it is  a pay after work stuff.


The method of transaction on freelancing like fiverr is escrow (where the admins or moderators serve as middlemen for the transaction)

Recommendation: Display and get hired for jobs you are experienced in the field and performing such job should take you a maximum of 6 hours

Note: Payment per job is $5-above (depending on the task) and don't give bad impressions to clients, thereby making them to cancel order,  any order cancelled is tagged in your profile, so avoid this.

Freelancing Site: Upworks, Fiverr, Freelancer etc.

3. Affiliate Marketing Program


Affiliate programs are usually simple, free and easy. In affiliate marketing you promote online merchants goods and services and earn commission on sales or sign-ups made using your affiliate link. Affiliate marketing is suitable for individual with large amount of social media fellowers ( Facebook, twitter, Google Plus etc ), bloggers website owners and active forums member. This is one of the simplest but a little bit difficult way to earn money online without investment for students
How Does It Work?

  • Sign up for an affiliate program
  • Promote products, services and sign up links on facebook groups and page, twitter and forums.
  • Target the right audience (this increases sales).
  • Earn money and withdraw. That's all.

4. Information Marketing


Information marketing is one of the coolest way to make money online as a student  both online and offline

What is Information Marketing?

Information marketing is a way of finding peoples problems, make research, compiling solution in ebook format, videos  and selling it to people who needs it.

Pretty Cool Right?

An example is years back when I started my first blog, I learnt so much on Seo online, but I  still needed more knowledge on Seo,  so I purchased an Seo eBook worth $20 from a website, and I believe am not the only person that purchased that eBook from that website.

Just imagine 30 persons purchased that particular eBook in one week. That will be
in one week. Well it looks good.

How Does Information Marketing Works?

  • Find a problem faced by individuals, society, organization, country etc
  • Make research on the possible solutions( make sure it's tested and working)
  • Type the solution in document format.(eBook format) or
  • Create a video course. 
  • Advertise it on social media (targeting the right place, people, organization etc)
  • Sell it at your own price and make cool money.

Note: When writing solutions to a problem, you need to be specific and straight to the point.

5. Online Article Writing Jobs


Wow! I just sat down, wrote an article and get paid, this is interesting, isn't it?
This is one of the best freelancing job I love to do but since am a blogger I write my articles for my blog.

What Do I Need To Know?

Nice question, Before jumping into this you must be;

  • Good at writing(not handwriting)
  • You should be grammar and spelling errors free.

What Kind Of Articles Are Needed?

Well it depends on the platform you are in.  You might be asked to write an erotic stories, your own story, message of condolences etc or you will write on a given title for example

  • Onlinebooks.org pays you to review already written books.
  • Some blogs pay for guests article( but have strict conditions, which must be adhered and agreed upon.
  • Transcription work from datas, videos, musics thereby turning into text format.

Below are some sites  where article writing freelancing jobs are available.

  • Fiverr: On Fiverr you are hired to write and get paid up to $20 per 700 words (it depends),  all you need to do is join as a writer, list out writing services you can render.
  • Iwriter: Right here as the name implies is basically for writters, there are thousands of freelancing jobs you can find here. What you need to do here is viz;  

  1. Build your own client base (as a writer)
  2. Possibly you can earn up to $70 per 500 words (depends on your rank)
  3. Choose topics that matches with your niche.
  4. Write and earn as much as you can.

  • Freelancer: This platform looks similar to fiverr as explained above and you can earn up to $50 per 700 words ( it depends on how versatile the article is, and agreement between the two people)
  • Upwork: This is the upcoming popular freelancers platform where you can earn $25/hour, writters are categorized in demand prospective starting from

  1. Blog & Article writers
  2. Web content writters
  3. Technical writters
  4. Creative writters
  5. Copywriters
  6. Editors

Still not satisfied with the few freelancing sites listed above?
Then get 80+ content writing jobs .

Wow!  At last our journey on how to earn money online without investment for students in 2018 ends here.


You can not earn money online without investment, if you didn't actually invest your money, you must invest your time. That is the rule. No tricks. And don't be deceived that you can make money online doing nothing. We will be pleased if in the course of research you have other ways to make money online without investment, Kindly drop it in comments section. Good luck.

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