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5 Positive Impacts Of Constructive Fun Activities For Kids You Never Knew About.

Some People rarely allow kids to play with equipments, because of the negative and risky aspect of it,  but they never thought of the positive impact this equipment might pass to them.
Kids Having Fun Playing With Bricks.

Note: Keep Children Out Of Reach Of Heavy Machines.

 Let's just move straight to the point.

And what is that if you can recall properly?

Never mind. Am Just happy writing  about the positive impacts of constructive fun activities for kids. Am not just writing it by hear say,  but it's out of experience.

Did you ever think about doing some thing exclusive along with your kid's play structure? Do you sense they ought to play with exclusive equipment aside from the conventional college playground system and out of doors playground device? These and many more questions you should ask yourself.

When My little sister became five years old. I attempted to hold her faraway from outside equipment with which I used for assignment because I was a technical school student then. . I fear accidents a lot. On the other hand, i desired her to have some physical and intellectual sports that might help her develop. Upon searching, i got here to understand about constructive toys. Accept as true with it or no longer, it did wonders and worked perfectly fine for my little sis.

If I may ask,

What constructive Activities Are We Talking About?

You as a human,mother, father, brothers, sisters nephew e.t.c knows what best for your kid siblings, you can't sit and watch them use knife as a construction equipment. No that's Impossible!!, when I said constructive fun activities for kids I mean activities  that can never hurt the kids and such fun activities are viz.

  • Building Of Cars From Any Waste Material 
  • Kids Carpentry work 
  • Block Molding and house building e.t.c

Positive Impacts Of Constructive Fun Activities For kids.

After I allowed my sister to handle little equipment. I noticed this changes and improvement, with in a short period, and what could that be?

1. Better At Problem Fixing

I saw her attempting distinct ideas even as building blocks. From time to time, she used to try tens of thoughts for constructing one factor. The aspect that i loved so much approximately this game became she in no way gave up. She saved on brainstorming and tried one idea after every other; destroying one structure and attempting some other. This made her constant and a higher hassle solver. Now, i see she finds a manner out of each issue that comes in her manner, whether it is academic or social.

2. Improves First-rate Motor Competencies

The first-rate motor abilties are all approximately hand and finger motion. The simple daily habitual activities together with brushing your teeth, picking an object, combing your hair, etc. Help in strengthening the exceptional motor competencies. We forget about importance of these simple activities, but they play a large position in our lives.

Which will improve your children's motor skills, strive indulging him in optimistic play. It includes easy yet effective hand actions that in the long run result in stepped forward overall performance.

3. Balance and patience

While building blocks and playing similar games, the beginning ideas generally cross in vain. Destroying a structure and trying any other idea is quite ordinary even as positive playing. However, it's frustrating and makes a person impatient. It really is in which constructive play performs its role and growth endurance in kids. It makes them chronic and motivates them to achieve their desires.

4. Better Educational And Overall Performance

It might sound insane to you but optimistic play facilitates in enhancing academic mastering talents. You might be asking, How? You must marvel! We don't recognise the activities contain in optimistic play are clearly some learning competencies. For instance, it wishes calculations, measurements, and simple geometry. What's extra, it involves science inclusive of brainstorming, experimenting, tricking, and from time to time, even hypnotizing. Apart from that, your infant has to do a little readings and writing as properly while constructing something. All this contributes to enhancing your children's educational competencies and make him the first-rate of students.

5. Promotes Creativity

Positive play is all approximately imagining various things in thoughts and bringing them into action. I noticed my daughter constructing different things starting from a fortress to a ship. She imagined these systems in her mind and carried out them as actual as feasible. On every occasion she performed, she attempted different ideas and it worried her imagination. This made her a better philosopher and a clever man or woman.


Never allow kids to participate in such fun activities with having close eyes on them.

You might also have noticed something about the positive impact of constructive fun activities around kids which might be a big improvement to this article.

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Friday, 2 March 2018

Quick And Working Ulcer Treatments In Days Of Fasting And Prayers

In times of fasting and prayer, this is ulcer treatment you can rely on. Gotten from benedictine monks at Ewu Ishan in Edo state, Nigeria.

Ulcer Treatments In Days  Of Fasting And Prayers

-Get raw pawpaw and wash it. It must be raw, not ripe

-Do not peel it and do not remove the seeds.

-After washing the outside neatly, slice it without peeling it into small small pieces. The cutting should be small like sugar cubes.

-Put all the small pieces of the raw pawpaw into any clean container.

-Fill the container with water to stop at the same point the sliced pawpaw stopped.

-Leave the pawpaw in the water for four days. For example if u soak it on a Monday, I count Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be the fourth day.

-On the Fourth day, the water will be looking white in colour. Seive it and throw away the pawpaw and the water becomes your cure for ulcer.

Drink half a glass of the pawpaw water every morning, afternoon and evening. You will no longer feel those ulcer pains because it will heal the wounds inside that are causing the pain.

This morning, afternoon and evening drinking of the pawpaw water can continue for weeks and months depending on how severe the ulcer is. It is not relief. It is a cure.

Additional note: an ulcer is an internal wound usually in the stomach or intestines.
Common causes of ulcer are long-term use of aspirin  infection with the bacterium Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori)  and certain other painkillers, such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, others) and naproxen sodium (Aleve, Anaprox, others). Stress and spicy foods do not cause peptic ulcers. However, they can make your symptoms worse.

Pls avoid taking strong pain killers without prescription. If you take time to read the side effects you will see that the drugs for pain relief cause ulcer or wounds in the body.

This treatment mentioned is not a reason not to go to hospital, because not all internal pains are ulcers.

Let someone know and help someone get cured today.

Monday, 26 February 2018

Quick And Brief Introduction To Accident And Motor Vehicle Insurance

The idea of insurance was one of the best thing and idea that came into existence  for mankind full aid and support.  How would it have been when  companies that lost their goods in sea  that worths over $50,000 and crashing a car in accident without insurance. To me it would look like the companies is  already broken down.


Nevertheless, lets got to business,

As we all know that motor insurance provides compensation for losses, damages, injuries and death resulting from accident caused by the use of motor vehicles. Insurance services started years ago in some countries but today it's almost all over the world.

Introduction To Accident And Motor Vehicle Insurance

These insurances didn't just grow all the world in years all at once, but each came in existence as the need arises. Now we are dealing with motor insurance so let's know how it developed.

Development Of Motor Insurance.

The first motor car appeared in the United Kingdom in 1894 and  by 1898 the law  Accident and Insurance Society Ltd was providing a limited motor insurance cover. But motor insurance was not compulsory at first uncompensated victims of motor accident suffered much hardship. The increased popularity and mass production of cars after the First World War exacerbated casualty figures and the Road Traffic Act apply to all vehicles used on the road including private cars, commercial vehicles, motor cycles and certain special types. This now lead us to its scope.

The Scope Of Motor Insurance

Motor vehicles are classified as follows:

Private Cars: These are vehicles and cars used for social, domestic and pleasure purpose and sometimes for the business of the insured.

Commercial Vehicles: These refers to vehicles used for hire or for the insured's business. They are of very wide range including vehicles used for carriage of own goods passengers, general cartage cartage of goods, taxis, hire cars, ambulance, agricultural and forestry vehicles

Special Types: As the name indicates, this is rather miscellaneous terms given to vehicle  which are of unusual construction or adaptation. This includes vehicles like mobile cranes, earth moving equipments e.t.c

Kinds Of Motor Insurance Policies.

The standard types of policy available for motor vehicles are as follows:

  • Act Only Policy: This is the minimum form of cover, which provides insurance cover only to comply with the provisions of the Road Traffic Act.  It provides insurance cover for injuries or death of third parties (including fare-playing passengers)  arising from the use of vehicle on the public highway, but doesn't extend to cover damage to the third parties property.
  • Third Party Only Policy: This gives protection against liabilities to third parties for death, injury and damage to  property  caused by the use of vehicles.
  • Third Party, Fire And Theft Policy: This covers liabilities as stated above in addition to indemnifying the insured against loss or damage to the vehicle caused by fire or theft.
  • Comprehensive Policy: This policy covers liabilities as stated  above in addition to indemnifying the insurance against loss or damage to the vehicle.

Friday, 23 February 2018

What Could Be The Financial Roles Of Banks In International Trade?

As a result of international link of banks by virtue of their business, they are able to provide services to their customers, now we got to understand the financial role of the banks international trade. Banks all over the world are able to provide services to their customers internationally in the area of trading.

These services could be financing or non-financing in nature. But we are going to understand the financing suse of it below.

Financial Roles Of Banks In International Trade

The banks provide financing services for international trade through the following means listed below;

1. Loans and Overdrafts

Banks provide loans, overdrafts and other short and medium term finance to enable their customers meet their working capital needs for producing goods to meet their export order or for importers, to pay their import bills pending the sale of imported goods.

2. Post Shipment Finance

This is the finance provided by banks to export customer to enable them continue production pending when they receive payments for goods exported. This could come by ways of bills discounting or outright overdraft facility.

3. Pretty Shipment Finance

This is finance provided by banks to enable the exporter manufacturer the good ordered by foreign buyer before these good could be exported and payment received.

4. Foreign Loans

Banks with their foreign links are always able to obtain foreign loans from international financial institutions to help their local customers expand their business.

5. Handling Of Payments

The banks handle international payment, both inward and outward payments, remitting the payment to foreign seller and receiving payments from foreign buyer for their customers.

6. Remittance For Customers.

The banks remit payments for their customers both inward and outward by way of Telegraphic Transfer (T. T), Mail Transfer, Society For World International Financial Transfer (SWIFT), draft or other speedy modes of transfer.

7. Collections Of Bills

This is the collection of bill of exchange which is a process whereby an exporter entrust the bill of exchange and the accompanying commercial documents for an export to bank in the Importer's country. The bank could be involved in either collecting bills sent by an overseas bank to be presented and collected from an importer. By This Process the customer is assured of the security of the transactions since banks are involved, as it is one of the financial role of banks in international trade.

8. Documentary Letters Of Credit

This is a written undertaking by a buyer's or Importer's bank to pay the exporter of certain goods, provided that the exporter meets any condition and presents any documents stipulated in the letter of credit. This is the most secured means of settlement in international trade, this is because since the bank has given an undertaking to pay,  the exporter is assured of getting his payment once he fulfils the terms of the contract. To the the importer, this intervention of the bank assures him that the exporter will be paid after the bank has been satisfied the he has met all condition as specified in the contract.

9. Source Of Foreign Exchange

The banks  helps their customers by providing the foreign exchange needed by the customer for their business. To ensure that the customer are not exposed to adverse forein exchange fluctuations, the banks are always ready to provide forward exchange contract to enable the customer cover their foreign exchange exposure.

In Conclusion

Banks are ready at all times ready to carry out these above roles in international trade, for all it's customers, if only they can meet up with their demands.

Recommended Links

Are you planning on using the bank to perform any of the above listed  function then let's guild you through your questions or you can go straight to the bank for more information regarding the above listed roles.  Thanks.

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22 Tips To Become As A Powerful Male Webcam Model

Hey! Are you in search of tips on how to become a professional male Webcam model? Or is this strange to you? Of course no, because I believe that before you jump into this post you  already know what am talking about, Incase you want to be a model, you can possibly apply for modelling jobs. so let's get going.


But,  before that let's us know who a webcam model.

Who Is A Webcam Model?

As written by Wikipedia "A webcam model or cam model, also known as a camgirl for females and camboy for males, is a video performer who is streamed upon the Internet with a live webcam broadcast. A webcam model often performs erotic acts online, such as stripping, in exchange for money, goods, or attention. They may also sell videos of their performances. Since many webcam models operate independently from their homes, they are free to choose the amount of sexual content for their broadcasts. While most display sexually provocative behavior, some choose to remain mostly clothed and merely talk about various topics while still soliciting payment as tips from their fans".

Did you read this word?  "payment as tips from fans" I believe before you got here you already know how to make money from Webcam, let's just make things to be snappy.

As a webcam model, above any other things, you have to understand that you are the superstar! Keep in mind forget that you are giving an execution for the advantage and satisfaction in those watching you.
Numerous models, both male and female, begin to see their webcam work as just an approach to make money and neglect to have some good times with their clients. Individuals who come to watch a webcam model will not be pleased when they see models are there only for the cash. It is vital to give them a chance to see it is a good time for you, that you are there for a similar reason she is in need of.

22 Tips To Become As A Powerful Male Webcam Model

To be honest with you these tips were given by effective cam models who have created incredible strategies that made them popular today.

So here we go.

1. Your Dressing Code should be a perfect and seductive one or no shirt by any means. Have your hair prepped and facial hair trimmed if necessary. Continuously endeavor to look and act your best, as your appearance and one of a kind identity will decide your prosperity.

2. Place your webcam near the screen that you are perusing, so it creates the impression that you are investigating the camera when you are perusing the visit and don't forget to continuously have a lot of light on you for the webcam to demonstrate clear video.

3. Ensure your receiver is constantly turned on when you are on the web, as clients more often than not love hearing your voice. You will dependably offer more webcam shows and profit by talking, not writing.

4. Attempt to take fast notes after each visit, so you recall every client next time they return to your room. On the off chance that you don't recollect them, and they act like you should, constantly imagine that you do, as noone needs to feel fogrotten.

5. Continuously address clients by their screen monikers as regularly as could be expected under the circumstances.

6. In the paid visit, when requested to do something, do it instantly but with caution. Individuals need to see their cash isn't being squandered by you endeavoring to pick up time by taked 5 min to disrobe! "Moderate" models are the main gripe in surveys! Ensure it doesn't take you more than several minutes to have a full erection. Investigate the camera, converse with them, make them open up. A few people are modest, endeavor to influence them to state what they like. The more he/she talks, the simpler it is for you to run the show since you will know whether what you are doing is great or awful and to which heading to take the show. A few people like it forceful, some like it delicate, some are dynamic, some passive...and just by giving them a chance to talk you will know.

7. Likewise in free talk, ensure that is the main thing you are doing right now. Individuals automatically remove an uninterested webcam model. On the off chance that you have to accomplish something, log out and return when you are finished. However, NEVER go offline from your cam without saying anything when there are people viewing. They especially loathe discourteousness. Let's assume you have to go for a bit and that you will be ideal back. Likewise early introductions are Tremendous in webcam modeling! Try not to bite gum, eat excessively, make telephone calls, and so on while you are live on cam. Try not to have noisy music! On the off chance that you are watching porn to keep your erection, ensure the sound is off or possibly low.

8. Giggle frequently and dependably grin, as the way you hold yourself can be more vital then the way you look.

9. On the off chance that you need to do anything that is not provocative, attempt to do it outside the webcam outline or essentially log out and let clients realize that are going on break.

10. With respect to the nature of your live shows, having a HD cam is essential, When perusing models, watchers will pick the ones who have this choice. Ensure your mouthpiece is working appropriately. Talk clear and attempt to talk directly to the individual who is viewing, particularly in private. They want to hear you say their names when both of you are having some good times. It influences them to feel it is genuine.

11. Continuously figure out how to say yes to each demand, fun coy and inventive when you are prodding the clients.

Keep all your toys convenient and prepared to go toward the beginning of each show.

12. Answer all inquiries and solicitations to do things immediately, clients need to ensure webcam models won't squander their opportunity or cash once in private.

13. We have seen numerous webcam models grumbling to their clients. They discuss how moderate it is or how exhausted they are. A few models even stay there looking worn out and dismal. No client will spend any amount of cash per-minute on a webcam model that is staying there all irate and bombshell. Regardless of whether you are feeling blue, you need to act, and it must be a stellar execution. The clients can't realize that you are disturbed or feeling down, as they just need to converse with somebody who is upbeat, provocative and fun. It's vital for you to recollect that above all else, being a webcam model implies that you are an on-screen character who is online to give an energizing and attractive execution for your group of onlookers. Try not to tell the clients you are exhausted, worn out, despondent or irritate. In the event that you can't act provocative, crisp or bright, close down and return on just when you can put on a glad, attractive face. On the off chance that you can't do that, you won't have your webcam work long!

14. Spread your consideration around. Make each client need to remove you from the other individuals in the talk room.

15. You're a star to the majority of your guests, so winking, making a gesture of blowing kisses, and giving brief individual consideration is the way to getting more paid time.

16. Try to tell clients when you are booked for your next couple of movements, and dependably refresh your online calendar and keep in mind, a webcam work is totally different from other employments, as you  are required to be always ready for anything, put in the extend periods of time it takes to profit, fabricate a steady customer base which will continue returning for all the more over and over!

17. Continuously inquire as to whether they have a cam as well. This shows you are more inspired by messing around with him instead of simply taking his cash. Let's assume you would love to see him jacking off while he watches you, that it is a major turn on for you. It works!

18. Influence the watcher to feel unique. When he/she returns, welcome him/her with a grin. Say how cheerful you are he is back. Demonstrate that you recalled that him. Be particular, give subtle elements of your last session. They will love it.

19. While in the free talk, bunches of individuals will travel every way. Keep in mind there are 100's webcam models on the web, it is in the free talk that you separate yourself and emerge! Converse with everybody as though he is somebody who will take you private for 30 minutes or more. Be that as it may it is likewise vital to channel the watchers and on the off chance that the room gets full, you focus on the ones more prone to take a webcam model to the private talk. Watchers who begin by requesting that you show case your nakedness will probably NOT take you private. I know it is exceptionally irritating however never be inconsiderate to them. They will surrender sooner than you might suspect. Keep in mind there numerous different models, they will proceed onward to the following one and allow you to sit unbothered.  I saw that a great many people who do that are exceptionally inquisitive to perceive what's covered up under the volume in my clothing and will in the end give in and go private, regardless of whether for two or three minutes.

20. Make a point to have diverse outfits/clothing near you consistently. Individuals have distinctive taste! Endeavor to make a pleasant grouping of clothing, swimwear, fixation dress, e. t. c . It will pay off when somebody asks you, for instance on the off chance that you have a speedo and you say "yes its privilege here", they will consider this to be you and him having a similar fixation/dream and will be considerably more ready to take you private.

21. In the event that you don't care for or feel awkward accomplishing something, say it. Individuals will value a fair model. At whatever point conceivable, let individuals comprehend what's in store from your show. On the off chance that they need you to discharge yet you are not willing to do as such for reasons unknown, let them know. In any case, dependably be well mannered. Show you are sad for not having the capacity to do that but rather you will endeavor to make it up to him/her. He/she will return when you are prepared to discharge and will most likely return more circumstances as he will consider you to be a trustful webcam model.

22. On the off chance that the individual has dreams, simply run with it. Let's assume it is likewise a major turn on for you or if nothing else demonstrate it approves of you. The fact is to influence them to feel good, never pass judjements. Individuals with dreams are the ones who return again and again on the grounds that they feel comprehended on the off chance that you give them a decent time.

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This is not always the end we are going to be updating this post whenever  better tips and strategies are out and trending.

I hope this write up tips on how to become a professional male Webcam model will get you going.

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4 Simple Unisex Casual Shoes To Wear With Jeans That Is Currently Trending

Knowing the best casual shoes to wear jeans is not really easy for some person  so let's make it easier for you with this post.

please note that before choosing any shoes you should consider:

The Color Of The Jeans And Shoes: This is the most important part to consider before putting on both shoes and clothes.

For Example
I love wearing white jeans and red sneakers which is really nice to look. Sometimes you don't choose color for yourself,  weather chooses for you. In essence,  when choosing shoes or clothes make sure it pair with the weather and environment.

For Example
You cannot wear white jeans during dry and dusty season and I believe you understand this before now.

Unisex Casual Shoes To Wear With Jeans

Below are 4 simple casual shoes that you can pair with any type and colour of jeans for any occasion.

1. Chuck Taylor Converse Or All-Stars

According to Wikipedia Chuck Taylor is a model of casual shoes first developed and produced in the early 20th century by converse, awwwww this is fairly Old,  but I believe they are making perfect and awesome by now. If you are the type that loves wearing tight jeans, then Chuck Taylor converse or all-stars can be a  perfect pair. To make it more perfect pair it with a short socks that can be at most 2cm above the joint. This shoe in some countries is sometimes called sneakers.

2. Sneakers


Sneakers with Jeans is my favorite dressing code.  Lol, The best aspect of this shoe is that it makes someone smarter and let me say  young.  The correct sneakers shoes always provide you with the best comfort either with or without socks. But if you are to choose this please make sure it's not worn out.

3. Athletic Shoes


This shoe type is a perfect pair for tight or loose jeans especially if you are walking to a far place or standing for a long time.  To be specific sneakers is the best casual shoes for any look as they can pair with any weather and sometimes occasion.

4. Heathrow Shoes


Our new all day and all occasions Heathrow casual shoes is really a perfect pair with any type of jeans, with its low top and full bootie construction for secure fit make it very nice and comfortable to pair with Jeans.

I think I got to stop here let me go and dress up ,  it's almost show time. <<(smiles)>>.

Now that you have known the four casual shoes to wear with jeans.  Which amongst them will you choose?

If you can't choose for yourself, I can help you choose from the one you have or you can also buy from amazon, eBay and other local shopping sites or mall.

6 Risks In International Trade That Had Gone Way Too Far

There are numerous risks in international trade that is different from the situation in domestic trade.  These risk can affect export business and may constitute disincentive to export and international trade.

Therefore the identification of such risk and adopted measure to manage and eliminate these risk will be a big boost to international trade. Such risk include viz:

  • International acceptability on quality of goods. 
  • Transit Risk. 
  • Credit risk.
  • Payment risk.
  • Political risk
  • Foreign Exchange risk and these could be classified into three major categories.

Importer's Risk
Importer's risk arises as a result of Default in payment for goods on maturity date and
Refusal of buyer to accept the shipped goods.

Exporter's Risk
This risk as a result of weak financial base of the exporter, inability to meet deadlines, lack of capacity and experience to meet the orders and Fraud.

Country's risk
Country risk arises as a result of unstable political climate, severe balance of payment problem, foreign exchange fluctuations and control, import license quantitative restrictions quota and other control measures.

Now lets Proceed to the mean point.

6 Risks In International Trade...

As listed above so it's going to be explained before.
Let's Go.

1. Transit Risks

Since international trade involves the movement of goods from one country to another, the risk of damage is high in the process of shipment of goods overseas from exporter to importer. Such risk could be total damage by fire, theft by sea pirates, accident in the sea, air or land,  sometimes the vessel itself could sink. In order to minimize transit risk adequate marine insurance covers must be taken to cover the goods from the time it leaves the factory to the buyer warehouse or the port of discharge  in the buyer country  depending on the term of the contract.

2. Political Risk

This is the risk that payment may not be made or delayed for an export sales due to political events in the buyer country. This  events in the buyer country include blockade of funds, nationalization, war and revolution, appropriation, cancellation of import license and quot irrespective if a buyer is credit worthy or not or whether he has actually lodged payments with his bank, which adverse political event in the buyer country may block temporally or permanently. The political or country risk could be minimized by obtaining an up-to-date economic and political reports on any country through the exporters bank or through the exporter embassy in the country of the overseas buyer. You can minimize such risk through insurance by the Export Credit Guarantee Insurance Scheme which is specifically designed to protect exporters from such risk that could be attributed to political  or economic factors in the buyer country.

3. International Acceptability On Quality Of Goods In International Trade

It's is important for your goods as an exporter to be acceptable in international trade because if the goods exported fails to meet the quality standard, they could be rejected by the importer which may result in selling same at a give-away price since returning them to the exporter country might be more expensive. To guard against this the service of quality inspection agencies should be engaged to ensure that the quality of goods to be exported meets the standard acceptable in the importing country.

4. Payment  Risk.

This are risk of non-payment for goods accepted on due date, non-acceptance of goods shipped by the exporter. The importer risk can be reduced or eliminated by obtaining a good status enquiries on all prospective unknown buyers before entering into any contract. The exporter's bank can do this through her correspondent bank in the Importer's country or by insisting on payments terms to be by only confirmed and irrevocable letters of credit, the problem of default will be eliminated since payment will be certain once the exporter has fulfilled his part of the contract by shipping the goods and presenting the documents to the advising bank within the stimulated period in the credits. The risk could also be adequately covered by the export credit insurance in the exporter's country. The serious thing here is that the exporter's risk is also the same as the Importer's risk therefore should be handled in the same way as the Importer's risk from the exporter's end.

5.  Foreign Exchange Risk

An exporter is exposed to foreign exchange risk if he or she sells in a currency other than the currency of his country thereby necessitating the conversion of the export proceed to his on currency.  Because of fluctuations in the foreign exchange rate the rate may move adversely against him between the time of export and receipt of payment. The exporters is therefore exposed to the risk of loss in his earnings as a result of the changes in exchange rate. To reduce this risk, the exporter should quote all his exporter sales in his own currency, since this will ensure that the amount he will receive is certain while the importer  will bear the risky of any adverse movement that is not convertible. It is advisable to quote all export sales in a currency that is fairly stable in the foreign exchange market. Also to cover the exporter's position and reduce the chance of loss in his earnings due to foreign exchange rate movement, the exporter should take out a Forward exchange contract, thereby guaranteeing his return whenever payment is made.

6. Performance Risk

For exporters of services, the risk of non performance is always there. To guard against this problem there is always a demand for bonds to serve as a guarantee against non-performance and such bond are viz:

  • Bid or Tender Bond
  • Performance Bond
  • Advance Payment Bond
  • Retention Bond
So these are the risks in international trade and some possible ways to reduce  the risk rate.

I hope this content will get you going,

Any question? Please we would love to hear from you via the comment box below. Thanks 

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How I Reduced My Data Usage From 2.5GB Per Week To 2.5GB Per Month

How do you feel when you are allocated 2.5GB data for one month and after three days a pop up message starts showing "75% of data used". For me it's like OH My God.  What sort of nonsense is this. In this article am going to give you hints on how I reduced my data usage and I think it might also work for you.

Just 3 days after subscription, I was busy browsing the internet then my data usage notification popped up, I was like what the hell is this phone saying?. Soon I was being warned that I was approaching my limit, at first I suspect there’s something wrong with how my new phone consume up to that amount of data in 3 days,  data, and behold 7days after everything vanished.

How I Actually Reduced My Data Usage

I was very angry so I had to reduce my data usage and here's how I did it.

1. Turn off data When Not In Use

At first I thought I made a crazy move and asked myself, how will I get notified immediately I receive messages and emails? but on second thought I left it that way. Before I started this, I made little experiment,

What I Experiment?

One particular day after reading email, chatting on facebook and whatsapp, I decided to check my data balance and found it was 1250MB, so I slept off leaving data connection on. I waked up in the morning and check my balance once again , to my surprise it has reduced from 1250MB to 1180MB, what actually happened? I asked myself. I called my service provider but they only said that I was the one who used it, so I made thorough searching on my phone and found what actually consumed my data. I will let you know before the end of this post, all you need to do is just keep reading. After such experience I immediately turned off my data after use. I only turned it back on when the need arises. It did not only saved my data, it also saved my money.

Useful Links:

2. Reduce Data Usage Of Apps.


At first I didn't know what consumed my data that night, but after several search I found out that some apps where tapping from the connection even when not in use. What do you expect I do next?  I figured out a way to reduce the app data usage and all I did was to find apps that used the data and limit their access to data or even turn it off totally.
Even if you do turn off your data, you can still also do this to save data when it’s turned on.

3. Reduce Time Spent On Web.

As a phone/internet addict or whatever, I sometimes spend the whole night on the web or social media, sometimes doing few research, and at the end before I knew it. Everything is almost finished. This happened to me for several months before I decided to at least stay on the web for 3hours daily and this has been part of me though the old spirit might come sometimes.

4. Reduced Watching Streaming Videos Online.

Wow. I love this video let me watch it, you are doing this and at same time complaining, what do you expect after watching streaming videos, do you think you are watching it with air, of course NO. Well let me not blame anyone here because I also watched streaming videos especially from YouTube. I only watched informative video online once in a blue moon and this has saved my data.

5. Activated Data Saver.


I believe you know what data saver is. Incase you don't know data saver as the name implies helps save 9% or more data used on smartphone and browser. Activate saver mode option are commonly found in all browsers but not all smartphone. This data saver is really helpful but saves little amount of data in browsers. As for me I activated in my browsers and phone.

6.Deactivated Apps Automatic Updates.

Nothing pisses me off like seeing something happening in my phone without my permission. I noticed this after installing several apps few months after I bought my phone. What is happening?  I asked myself seeing downloading option showing in the status bar of my phone, I immediately drag the status bar down and saw automatic update from play store performing it's function. I cancelled, checked my data balance, it has reduced though not much because I noticed the update on time.

In order to save your self from this experience, all I did was to deactivate auto update in my phone and play store.


After putting the above listed strategies in to practice, I never regret it.
I hope from my experience and how I reduced my data usage has taught you some lessons and will probably get you going.

Any questions or suggestions that can improve our post kindly drop it via the comment box below and hit the notification button or even subscribe to my news letter and get more of this via email for free.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

5 Ways To Make Cool Money From Your Facebook Groups/Page

If you are looking for ways  to make money from facebook then this post is for you. I believe  it's not new to you that you can make money from social media(facebook, twitter, e.t.c).... But based on the title, I am going to discuss majorly on facebook in this post.


Facebook is a social media  built mainly to connect people around the world and now  Facebook has grown to be the most visited social media all over the world. Millions of new user sign up for facebook every year, and thousands of people make cool cash from facebook while many facebook users believes that there is no way you can earn from facebook, but this isn't true. You can make alot of money from facebook, but you must know that making money from facebook requires patience and smartness. I am going to show you some ways you could do it in this article.

Note: Facebook Is Not The One Paying You,  Rather People Who Uses Your Services.

Ways To Make Cool Money From Your Facebook Page Or Group

Making money from facebook group or page is one of the ways to make money from facebook. To be honest with you it is not that is easy, but you can still make it, what you just need to do  is

  • Be Ready 
  • Build good audience
  • Make  Active group or page 
  • Build Up-to 3k engaged users

Useful Links:

Lets Kick Off.

I recommend that when creating a facebook page or group, use a very interesting name and description for the group, by so doing facebook user will know all about the group by just reading the name and description, this could possibly increase your members and likes. Just take note of this.

Below are the ways in which you can make more from the group.

1. Promoting Businesses/Sponsor Posts

When a good number of people are engaged with your group for its uniqueness and posts or for something you do they like. Business men and marketers would like to promote their market right at your group, and this you cannot offer them for free, so you get paid for that.

2. Marketing Your Goods And Services

You can advertise your business if you are business engage type. Facebook now has a feature called facebook store. You can create one and advertise the products in that store in your groups. This is a means of promoting sales of your goods.

 3. Promoting Affiliate Links

 There are many online  retail websites that support affiliate marketing program, by doing so when user purchase from your affiliate link, a commission is given to you. You can promote links from affiliate on your facebook group and be assured that no matter what, someone must buy from your affiliate link promoted on your group when promoted perfectly. Some of example of website that support affiliate program are; Konga, Amazon, Jumia, E bay, Clickbank e.t.c

For simpler Explanation;
All you just need to do is
  • Register An Account With Affiliate Programs.
  • Get Your Affiliate Link 
  • Promote The Link In A Pleasant way. 
  • That's all. Next is just to cash out your commission.
  • You can as well use this affiliate marketing strategies to improve your sales. 

4. Promoting Of Websites

Webmasters, bloggers and business men  can promote their website on your group only if your group or page is active and have large members or likes and you get paid for doing so.

5. Source Of Traffic To Your Blog/Website

Many bloggers and webmasters drive traffic from their facebook group or page to their blog or website, thereby making their websites and blog popular. Mostimes some Bloggers with ads on their blog grabs this opportunity as they are paid per thousands impression or per click, then facebook as a source of traffic will make earnings go high.

6.Sell Facebook Group Or Page 

This is just miscellaneous addiction, but one  of my friends do such business, he told me earlier before I wrote this, that he would promote a page  with $100 in one month, at the end he get 3k+likes, he then sell it at $180+ to interested buyers, pretty cool right?. No need to worry about this I going to gather more information about this and share it with you next time, so in order not to miss out kindly subscribe to our newsletter and get updated via  email.


There are other ways to make money  from facebook, it just  depends on how  you utilize it. You can as well sell your facebook group or page.

I hope this article will get you going on how to make good use of your page and groups

We would like to know if you understand all we have been saying using the comment area and share button.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

5 Possible Reasons Why Your Phone Can't Charge Properly

Unsupported charger, Not charging and other related problems have some causes. When such problem arises it may be that the phone is charging very slowly or it might not be charging at all. This is a problem that makes people angry and pissed off. You might be the type that plug in their phone(s), leave it until the next two hours. After waiting for such duration, you came back only to see the phone you left charging making little improvement or not even charging at all.

NOTE: What Caused Charging Problem In Another Man's Might Not Be Same As Yours.

Possible Reasons Why Your Phone Can't Charge Properly

Below we are going to list out and discuss briefly the possible and common reason why your phone can't charge properly, in order not to waste your precious time, we hope you continue reading.

1. USB Port Problem

This problem first develops as a result of inserting and removal of the charger into the port, which at the end results to improper contact between the charger and the phone. Infact this is the most common cause of charging problem. When such damage is done to your phone, you should try to use other charges, having tested it with different chargers and still no improvement, all you just have to do is take it to a shop and replace the damaged port. You can also check if the port is covered by dirt, this may be the reason for improper contact, if so clean the port with methylated spirit NOT water.

NOTE: Repairing of mobile phones can develop a new fault.

2. Adapter/Charger Cable Problem

Damaged charger when inserted into your phone, what is the possible outcome? Of course you know the phone won't charge. Too much entangling of cable causes the cable to malfunction, If the phone charges with the other cable then you have replace it, also if the cable you replaced is not working, Then changing Port problem and other related problems runs through your thought. Do you know that damaged charger can also cause damage to your phone? Damaged charge can render your phone Power I. C useless.
Once you notice that the charger is faulty, replace it with new phone supported charger. When I Mean Phone Supported Charger, According to label in the back of your battery, a supported charger is diagnosis for use. Using different charger for charging phone is at the owners' risk.

3. Battery Problems

Unsupported charger problem is most caused by replacement of battery, sometimes if you replace battery, there is tendencies of you replacing the charger also. For example, when I used Nokia 2700 classic-2, the phone can never charge when china made or black battery is inserted into it, even though you change the charger, it wont still charge. I will advice you when charging problems develops, I don't recommend you change the battery. But if the battery is totally damaged, thereby producing water content don't insert it into your phone again.

4. Source Of Power Supply

Power source could also be the cause of the problem. It may be that that socket is faulty or the charger is not fit for the socket. There is nothing much to discuss here, all you have to do is try pluging your phone on another socket. But, if same error re-occur, then you should check for other possible listed problems.

5. Software Update Problem And Reset

This factor is not common on all phones. Sometimes, the phone might not charge or stops charging even after trying different cables, chargers and charging sockets.
Although, this may not be the cause of your own phone problem.
Sometimes updating phone software, operating system (OS) and factory reset causes problems like charging failure, Invalid IMEI and other yet unknown problem.
That is to say anything that has advantage also has side effect .

Now that you have known some reason why your phone can't charge properly.
We can always hear from you if you don't understand or that we are missing somethings to mention via our comment box.
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